Christmas is fast approaching and my mincemeat is maturing nicely. This year I followed Clodagh McKenna's advice to gently cook the mincemeat before storing it. Apparently it  greatly improves the flavour. I also added a cheeky drop of my favourite winter tipple, Amaretto! Can't wait to taste it. There have been a few requests already for mince pies but I'm holding out 'til the first of December.

For anyone interested in booking a Christmas group lunch or dinner we now have a menu available in the café. Festive delights include Goatsbridge Smoked Trout pate with our own homemade brown bread, Lamb Shanks slow braised in Irish Stout with a mint salsa as well as the traditional Turkey and Ham.

Everyone at the park is very excited, and vey busy, getting ready for  the arrival of our VIP bearded gentleman. The café and the shops will be open into the evening to provide refreshments and gift buying opportunities. Have a great December everyone!

22/11/2013 04:53

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